Life ought to be full of adventure.

We often find ourselves living for weekend or the next big vacation that will break up the tedium, offer a dose of rest, and perhaps a new perspective. If we believe that these big events, a few pages ahead in the calendar, are the only means to that end, life will pass us by. Wonder is all around if we choose to see it. In the routinized layers of work, and laundry, and bills, and meals, and maintaining a social calendar, it is easy to mistake the mundane for something inferior. On the contrary, life is a gift, and every chance we have to breath and wonder and offer kindness is thrilling at its core. These words are as much a reminder for myself as anyone else. Hug someone today. Mend a relationship that has begun to unravel. Share someone's pain. Encourage someone. Enjoy this moment. Be present. 

The following video captures some sweet moments running around the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with my family. It was a simple day but one that we each relished, bringing us closer together as a family.