I'm excited to get to know you, and hear more about your project!

Answering the following questions will help me understand the vision for your project with efficiency. If a question or two doesn't apply, no worries! Just write N/A or something similar so I know a question didn't accidentally slip through the cracks. Again, I'm looking forward to connecting!    

(The questions will get harder after this one.) :)
(My email is aesundberg@gmail.com FYI)
Nothing complicated, just a 1-3 sentence overview of the work you need done. For example: "I need to increase the reach and depth of my company's marketing through social media, in addition to bringing clients to a clear "call to action" on our website. As well, I need a long-form company ethos video for our homepage, a bulk of quality photos and cinemagraphs to post regularly over the next 6 months, and social media management during this kickoff period."
For example: Do you need help finding stylists, talent, locations, etc., or do you already have specific folks/places in mind for those elements of the project?
I know you might not be comfortable answering this question, but it really helps ensure that the recommendations I would make for your project are in line with your budget.
When are you hoping to start, and how long do you expect it to take? Do you have any external constraints like marketing campaigns or events that mean you need to finish by a certain date?
9. Which if the following are you MOST flexible on? *
(Choose as many as you'd like.) - Desired Functionality (not every feature must be in version 1) - Budget (I have flexiblity in the budget to get what I need) - Timeline ( I need to get it right, even if it takes longer)
Did we meet somewhere? Did I respond to a post of yours? Did you find me via Google, Instagram etc. ?
Do I have a project or expertise that you love?
I won't be offended! :)